The word is out….


My novel The Seed Thief is ready for a publisher. While it looks for the perfect fit, I’ve created this online space to share some of the threads and themes and inspirations that shaped the story (and me, writing it).

The gorgeous pictures on this website are by Andy Nix, who never goes up the mountain without a camera (and she goes up the mountain a lot). She goes up for fun, she goes up to de-stress, and she goes up as part of Mountain Rescue to save people who went up when they shouldn’t have. Mostly, she goes up to commune with the incredible array of fynbos we have here on the Cape Peninsula, which is where the story in The Seed Thief begins…

This seemed like the perfect image for my work in progress, as it went from draft to draft, to competition and evenuatlly to publisher. Sometimes the process felt ephemeral, like this photo.

This link will take you to my BookSA blog, and a precis of The Seed Thief story.

Read more about Andy in ‘The photographs’.

Update: The Seed Thief will be published by Umuzi (Penguin Random House) in August 2015.


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