The photographs

The gorgeous header pictures on this website are by Andy Nix, who graciously let me use them as a place holder while I was waiting for a publisher/editor/book designer. I love them so much I am keeping them here. (Plus I have a special fondness for Everlasting flowers, which you’ll understand when you’ve read the book…)

Andy never goes up the mountain without a camera (and she goes up the mountain a lot). She goes up for fun, she goes up to de-stress, and she goes up as part of Mountain Rescue to save people who went up when they shouldn’t have.


Mostly, she goes up to commune with the incredible array of fynbos we have here on the Cape Peninsula (which is where the story in The Seed Thief begins…) If you love these pictures and you’d like to see more — and maybe buy a few for your wall, or a calendar for friend, or sign up to her newsletter so you get visual uplifters in your inbox every week or so, then head over to Andy Nix Pix and be awed. And please leave her a nice comment, and tell her Jax sent you….


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